Renting the Knysna Primary School Clubhouse

  • Only available on Saturdays
  • Cost: R500-00 per day
  • Optional: Chairs, tables, cups and saucers (additional fee may be charged)
  • Caters for smaller groups
  • Contact: Laura-Mari Griesel 044 382 1422 or email

Terms and Conditions


  • All fees are payable strictly in advance.
  • A refundable deposit of R1500-00 is payable within five (5) days of booking.
  • R500-00 per day (excluding the R1500-00 refundable deposit).
  • The deposit will only be refunded if there are no breakages and the clubhouse left clean. Should our own staff have to be called in after hours to clean the clubhouse, no refund will be made.

The person hiring the clubhouse will be held responsible should any major breakages take place. (windows, doors, etc.)


  • A key for the main gate and the clubhouse will be supplied. On termination of the function, all lights and fans must be switched off and all doors locked and alarm activated.
  • Keys must be returned to the school on the next school day by 09:30.


  • No nails, drawing pins or staples may be knocked into the windows or doors.
  • No flags, pictures or other items may be removed from the walls.
  • No holes may be made in the floor or walls.
  • If Prestik is used, it must be properly removed.
  • If plants are used, they must be removed as soon as possible after the function.


  • All waste material must be removed by you immediately. No leftover food to be left around the building.
  • The hall and cloakrooms must be cleaned.


  • All persons use the clubhouse and surrounds at their own risk.
  • The school may not be held responsible for any damage to property or injury to persons using the clubhouse.


The school retains the right to cancel any rental, even if the deposit has been paid, if it comes to light that the show or activity in the clubhouse is in contradiction with the school’s ethos and values/principles.