“Leadership is an action, not a position.” Donald Mc Gannon. With this statement in mind, we are starting a new venture with grade 7 learners.


  • All learners will be allowed to take part in this new leadership programme.
  • It is voluntarily, but once the learner commits to it, s/he will have to stay on the programme till its conclusion.
  • Learners must be willing to do duties in and around the school during break, in a 10 – day cycle.
  • 6 learners per class will be chosen at a time to perform these duties. This will be done on a rotatory basis.
  • Community projects:
    • Learners will choose their community project, which will be done in groups of 8-10 learners, supervised by a Gr 6 or 7 educator.
    • These projects will occur once a term and will rotate from group to group so that the educators can mentor the learners in their leadership roles.
  • All educators teaching Gr 7s, as well as Gr 6 educators will be acting as mentors.
      • Each educator will be mentoring a group of 8 – 10 learners.
  • They will observe and mentor the learners in their year of leadership.
  • Achievement:
  • In the 4th term, Gr 7 learners and educators select a group of leaders that have stood out in their leadership during the year.
  • These leaders will be mentioned on the “Wall of Achievement and Dedication”.

A photo gallery will be set up in the passageway, where all the learners can see the photographs of these leaders with their special achievements.